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Tom Beasley Appointed Chair of Employment Standards Act Reform Project Advisory Committee

March 20th, 2015

Tom Beasley has been appointed as Chair of the Advisory Committee for the BC Law Institute’s study on the Employment Standards Act (ESA).

BCLI conducts scholarly research and analysis for law reform on specific areas. The ESA Project is funded in part by the Law Foundation of BC. The BCLI research is conducted by BCLI staff who get direction and input on their work from Advisory Committees. The ESA  Advisory Committee has 4 members from the employer community, 4 from the employee and trade  union committee, a BCLI Board Member and a non-voting representative from the Ministry of Labour.

The Committee meets monthly and their work should take about 2 years. A comprehensive review of the ESA has not been done for decades, if ever. Twenty years ago, the government appointed a 3 person Committee who examined some areas for ESA reform but did not review the whole statute. The BCLI ESA Project will help shape employment minimums and standards for all British Columbia workers for several decades.

Tom will present a short summary of the BCLI ESA Project on May 8 at the Employment Law CLE.

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