24/7 Emergency Response

Bernard LLP responds anytime and anywhere in British Columbia to marine, environmental and industrial casualties and incidents.

Our lawyers have significant experience responding to casualties such as collision, grounding, fire, sinking, oil spill, workplace injury, other industrial accidents and environmental incidents.  Our emergency response lawyers bring unique skills and experience with them to the accident site, providing clear and timely advice in the crucial first hours of an emergency.

In case of emergency we can be reached by telephone at 604-681-1700.  Outside of normal business hours your call is directed to the on-call emergency lawyer. Alternatively, you may contact any of our team members at their after-hours contact numbers below.

Peter Swanson

  • Phone: (604) 661-0607
  • Mobile: (604) 649-5874
  • Other: (604) 921-7974
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Thomas S. Hawkins

  • Phone: (604) 661-0604
  • Mobile: (604) 889-5732
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David S. Jarrett

  • Phone: (604) 661-0616
  • Mobile: (604) 379-6113
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For further details regarding Bernard LLP 24/7 emergency response call 604-681-1700 or email shipping@bernardllp.ca