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Peter Swanson elected a Member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers

October 29th, 2013

Partner, Peter Swanson, is honoured to have been elected a member of the Institute of Chartered Shipbrokers (“ICS”) at their recent Controlling Council meetings held in Vancouver.   Mr. Swanson is one of only two Canadians ever elected under the special provision of Bye Law 50 which provides:

50. Dispensation from examination or dissertation may be granted by the Controlling Council only in exceptional cases, where the Controlling Council is satisfied at its discretion that the candidate has considerable influence in Shipbroking and has demonstrated a commitment to the Institute by giving long term support or service and who is expected to continue to give such support.

        A dispensation shall only be granted by a majority of not less than three-fourths of the members present and eligible to vote at a resolution passed by the Controlling Council. At least fourteen days special notice of any such a resolution shall be given to the members of Controlling Council.

The ICS is a major provider of education and training in the shipping industry with highly qualified professionals.  The ICS was founded in 1911 and awarded a Royal Charter in 1920.  In 1984 the Royal Charter was amended to open the membership to companies and non-British subjects.  Now the ICS has 24 branches in key shipping areas around the world including Canada.  For more information on the ICS visit their general website at or the Canadian website at

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