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Tom Beasley and the Recent Indigenous Maritime Archaeology Conference

May 18th, 2023

On April 15, 2023, Tom Beasley chaired the Indigenous Maritime Archaeology Conference (IMAC), at the Joe Mathias Centre on the Squamish First Nation in North Vancouver. This was the first Conference in North America devoted solely to indigenous maritime archaeology topics.

The Conference featured 12 speakers on maritime archaeology in the Pacific Northwest and Ontario, environmental change over time and how it has affected Indigenous Cultures, and new perspectives on finding maritime archaeological sites. Jessi Halligan, Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Florida State University, delivered the evening keynote Woodward Lecture on the importance of submerged landscape research for understanding Pleistocene peoples in the New World and when/how people arrived in North America.

The next IMAC will be held in the fall of 2024 at a first nation in the lower mainland.

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