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Tom Beasley presents paper on Administrative Delay

November 6th, 2022

On November 3, Tom Beasley presented a paper Administrative Delay: Blencoe 25 years later – Systemic Delays and Recommendations for Change, to the Continuing Legal Education Society of BC’s (CLE) Human Rights Conference. Tom was co-counsel for the BC Human Rights Commission at the Supreme Court of Canada in Blencoe, where the SCC narrowly allowed a human rights complaint with about 30 months delay (from filing to hearing) to continue. The current delays before the BC Human Rights Tribunal are greater than the delays in Blencoe.

Jaden Lau and Eliza Lynn Brown provided research for the paper, and Nguyen Lau, Tom’s Legal Assistant, created a large spreadsheet on the number of complaints and decisions by the BC Human Rights Tribunal since 2223.


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